Dragon boat races have been held in Eglisau for 25 years now. It is the oldest, annual dragon boat race of Europe. The races in Eglisau changed over the years from a local event to a dragon boat festival which attracts national and even international interest and enjoys a prominent position amongst the racing scene.

Besides the fun categories (open, mixed, woman) and the professional races with Swiss Championship, there is a lot of good sound and two legendary party nights to enjoy.  Come along and be surprised by this fascinating sport. The starting signal takes place on June 23/24/25 June 2017.

In Zürich during the Züri Fäscht the sound of the dragon boat drums belongs to the Limmatquai like the chocolate to Switzerland. The teams sprint from Uraniabrücke to Centralbrücke in front of a great audience.

The legendary "ARE YOU READY? ATTENTION, GO!" will be heared again this year.


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